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Duolingo Announces its Policy to Hire More Women Engineers
Duolingo, a huge language learning platform, announced that it will hire more women engineers. Duolingo‘ s CEO, Luis Von Ahn took a very bold step earlier in 2018 when he announced that company will maintain a 50:50 ratio gender ratio among its employees. This was done to promote diversity in the organization. In 2017, Duolingo […]

Researchers have developed a model that predicts the chances of success and failure of a business venture within six months with 80% accuracy. The information that led to the formation of this model was taken from the social media and transport data over the past few years. The business environment of today’s world is very […]

Massive Facebook data breach: Your Account details are only worth $3.90 now
Your privacy might not be yours anymore! A massive Facebook data breach was reported, where about 50 million Facebook users were affected. This breach of users’ login details, their personal account information is an identity theft in which the criminals used a bug to access details of 50 million users. This bug was in the […]

Walmart files patent for its Smart Shopping Carts

Walmart files patent for its Smart Shopping Carts

Published 07/10/2019 16:40 | Tech News | comments
Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation filed a patent for its new smart shopping cart in August. This cart is equipped with biometric sensors that can track your heart rate, body temperature, grip on cart handle, stress levels and walking speed around the store.  This is similar to smartwatches which can measure the same things […]

John Hancock adds fitness tracking to all its insurance policies
One of the largest life insurance provider, a North American Insurance company, John Hancock will now only provide interactive insurance policies that collect the health data of their customers through wearable gadgets and smart devices. John Hancock launched its first ever interactive policy in 2015 but now it will apply this model to all of […]

Apple removes 25000 gambling apps from its chinese app store
Apple, a worldwide tech giant was forced to remove gambling apps on its china app store when CCTV and Chinese media lodged complaints against Apple for hosting 25000 gambling apps on its china app store. As soon as the CCTV news was aired, Apple quickly removed all the gambling apps from its apps store. CCTV […]

Is the hype around virtual reality justified?

Is the hype around virtual reality justified?

Published 14/09/2019 17:01 | Tech News | comments
Even those of us who know nothing about Virtual Reality (VR) except the phrase itself is intrigued or at the very least curious about it. The name itself sparks excitement and calls for a strong desire to learn more about it, to try it out once. For all, we know it could be the next […]

Artificial intelligence predicts personality through eye movements
So far we only hear that eyes are windows to the soul but now a study, published this month in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, has just about proved this by the use of artificial intelligence to predict an individual’s personality through the movement of eyes. Eyes, as we are well aware, can give away a person’s […]

Government of China takes action against improper content on the Internet in their internet ‘clean up’ campaign .
The government of China in September 2018 shut down thousands of websites on the Internet owing to improper content. Chinese government controls the internet facility available to the public very strictly. The campaign started by the government shut down 4000 websites and online accounts all due to the harmful content that made available to the […]

Cancer can now get diagnosed accurately (Artificial intelligence detects cancer tumors with 95% efficiency)
Group of engineers at the University of Florida under the leadership of Ulas Bagci taught a computer how to detect even the tiniest specks of lung cancer in a human’s body in CT Scans. This is a major breakthrough for the health industry as radiologist themselves found it harder to identify cancer tumor in human […]