The wait is over: iPhone XS launches September 12th

Published 03/09/2019 17:27 | Tech News | comments
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iPhone has been, without a doubt a ground breaking success for Apple both financially and reputation wise. As it turns out seeing their sales figures today, the $150m worth of investment on the development the product paid off spectacularly. The enthusiasm that every new model of iPhone is met with is priceless: millions of preorders, people willing to pay a premium to get their hands on the latest set, the stock selling out before even coming out on the market; this is not the kind of stuff you see every day in the business world. The fact that Apple continues to up its game every single time has helped it maintain its reputation so consistently over the past decade. The variety iPhones come in (eg, iPhone 5s, 6, 6 plus, X etc) simply add to an already phenomenal history Apple is making. iPhone dominates Apple today, outselling all other products the company produces.

iPhone XS release date

  • Wednesday, September 12 – iPhone XS launch event date
  • Friday, September 14 – iPhone XS pre-order (estimated)
  • Friday, September 21 or 28 – (likely) iPhone XS release date

Apple announced that it will be launching its much anticipated iPhone XS on Wednesday, September 12th at its  ‘Special Event’ for 2018, and there will be a Livestream of the event. So if you are a big fan of iPhone maniac you better not miss out the launch event. It is today.

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Friday, September 14th is the date when you can place your orders for iPhone XS while the release date is now said to be either September 21st or 28th. According to CEO, Tim Cook, September 21st is going to be the day if Apple does not face any inventory problems.

Twitter Fans Response about iPhone XS


iPhone XS estimated price is $1000 similar to iPhone X 64 GB price. Since this is an ‘S’ upgrade it will have the same size and design as iPhone X while the main improvement and upgrade is in camera, battery, and power but it might be bit thicker due to camera upgrades. iPhone XS and XS MAX is predicted to be launched in Gold, white and black color.


iPhone XS comes up with a display size of 5.8-inches while for iPhone while for iPhone XS Max, it is supposedly 6.5 inches. Storage for iPhone XS and Max are reported to be 64GB, 256GB, and a new 512GB option. Apple has also updated the RAM for iPhone XS from 3GB to 4GB


There isn’t much news about the camera but it will have a dual-lens rear camera. The photos are going to be of 12MP. However, it is expected that the front camera will have certain new features which can be said because of  Apple patent pointing to a single-lens camera system that has dual-lens-like features. But it can not be said for now if this is going to be a part of the 2018 version.

iPhone XS IOS

iPhone XS will have IOS 12 as IOS 12 is also being launched by Apply on September 12th.


It is also being predicted that this phone will come up with a larger battery life. According to a leaked news the battery will be larger by 10%. The leak also says that Apple might include a fats charger in the box too which is a bonus for all iPhone users.


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