Give your old iPhone to Apple and get big bucks

Published 06/09/2019 17:09 | Tech News | comments
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Apple in its Special Gather round event on September 12th, amidst launch of new iPhone and MAC also announced that it will pay its users money if they will bring in their old iPhone back for recycling purpose. This amazing environmental friendly policy of Apple is pretty simple and you can also bring in your old Samsung phone sitting idle in your drawers, ready to be thrown.

This giveback program by Apple will pay you $525 for a good condition iPhone X. The giveback amount will decrease with the model. The older it is the less money you are going to get. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire which will determine if your phone is eligible for compensation. Actor, Edward Norton showed his appreciation for this program started by apple. He posted a video of himself receiving money from Apple in exchange for his old iPhone. Ed Norton also in his post at Instagram said that he always wondered why there wasn’t a proper recycling system for high tech products. As these products contain rare natural resources which can harm the harm environment if not properly disposed of.

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Although its tempting for you to throw away your new iPhone when you get a new one in hands, you should never do so. Because this careless act can hazard our environment. These phones have toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead etc in them and when you throw them in the garbage just like that these chemicals will seep into the ecosystem and bring harm to all the habitats, animals and human beings alike.

Also, it is just not the harm to the environment that should be your concern while throwing away your phone. Besides the threat to the environment, not throwing away your phone ensures data safety. That is, when you give away your high tech product to recycling companies, they ensure that your personal data is deleted. So obviously you don’t want your personal information to land in someone else’s hands because that is what would happen when you throw away your phone without any second thought.

This program by Apple is just the thing for you if you want to dispose of your phone. So hurry up! Save the planet and get cash in return.

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