Download And Activate MS Office Without Product Key [FREE]

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Hey Everyone hopes you all are fine, Emily here. In this article, we will talk all about the office version. I will try to describe complete Information about Microsoft Office. I’ll explain the benefits and loss, And I will try to answer many questions that are of people on the Internet. And along with this, I’ll tell you How to download office Version and activate Without Product Key.

First of all, we talk about office software. We can get all the information from him and we can understand it very well.

How to Download Free Activate Microsoft Office Without Product Key

Many people have little information about it. I want those people also take advantage, Those who do not have any information about it.

Introduction to MS Office

Microsoft Office is a spectacular and most used software in the world. It consists of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, one note and excel and outlook. Say hello to the new technology with the office which is this time working hard to give a push to sharing documents and collaboration work.

Let’s discuss few of the astonishing features of this remarkably outstanding software. Firstly, now you can edit, open, save files directly from the computer into the cloud which is simply amazing. Then a new unique feature has been introduced in the Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook with the name “tell me”

MS Excel

Basically, there is “tell me what to do “option has been included which gives you suggestions as you start typing and they keep on changing as you continue to type. If you want help on a particular topic you can do it with this option. So, in short, “Tell me” option does what you ask it to do

MS Word

The word which is the most used tool for writing all sorts of documents has got some changes in it as well. It has a button on which share is written to make collaboration possible. First, you have to save the file on the cloud then you people who you want to edit the document and then press the share button which results in an in-app message box. You can also just simply click the link as well (Permissions are built in, so you can send one link to view, and another to edit.). It’s easier for a simple editing as the views receive the guest file which can be opened without putting in the passwords to access it.


The office has introduced a new option known as clutter. It manages your emails automatically by sending the less important emails in a different folder. Moreover, it offers another mean of communication apart from an email which is known as Lync. It is similar to Skype where you can fire up a conversation by not only voice but also video calls this is no doubt a great feature.

Let’s have a look at few pros and cons of the Microsoft Office latest version.

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  • Finally, in excel business intelligence feature is now integrated
  • It has been made sharing and real-time collaboration possible
  • 2 new Apps known as delve and swaps has been introduced.
  • The best office suit so far


  • The sharing option is only in one drive. Must be extended to excel and power point
  • Only a few updates have been done nothing very extraordinary is introduced
  • Collaboration is only possible online.
  • Better for business users rather than simple average consumers


Get Microsoft Office Shortcut Keys PDF


What are the uses of MS Office?

Basically Microsoft Office Suite one of the best application software for office purpose. Because you can use MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MS Access, etc. to create documents, calculation, reports and Professional Presentations in fast way and accuracy.

what is Microsoft office suite?

Microsoft office suite Basically is an application packaged with one bundle released by Microsoft, that includes MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, outlook and powerpoint. You can use this all program for the different purpose.

What is the purpose of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft suite Package. Many Office Clients and student use MS-Word Basically for graphical word processing. It is developed for the different type of purpose, it allows the user to type and save documents.

What is the basic MS Office?

Microsoft Office is one of the best programs for office work that was first made public by Microsoft Developer in the early 1980s. But now many MS Users office worker, home user and student use MS office on daily bases work.

How much does Microsoft Office cost?

If you want to purchase Office 2016 version for Windows Pc or Mac. A one-time purchase of Office 2016 — for either Windows PCs or Macs — costs $149 for the Office Home & Student; $229 for the Office Home and Business; and $399 for Office Professional.


MS Office is undoubtedly a predominant software. It also gives an idea about future Microsoft software’s. Rather than working on improving the features this time they have worked on its accessibility, trying to make sure that it’s available everywhere and works great regardless wherever you use it. Especially the real-time collaboration has made it easier for people to discuss and do the work together and more efficiently in the office.

The office is like an air that most of us and mainly business people breath in. It’s sometimes fresh and sometimes stale. In the meantime, apple and android devices have gained a lot of popularity and the office 16 is undoubtedly everywhere as it’s possible to use it on phones as well. For sure just sticking to windows is not enough. Being everywhere is awesome.

How to Download Microsoft Office Without Product key

So I’m sharing a way with people through which you can download any version of the office, That too much Simple way. First of all, you need to Download “Windows/MS Office ISO, Downloader Tool”, I Have already download in my Pc.

You can download this tool from given URL Windows ISO Downloader, This Software allows the user to download Any full Version or Any Edition of Microsoft Windows Operating System or Microsoft Office.

This “Tool” Provide Genuine ISO or IMG file From Microsoft Server. You do not need to worry about Virus and other Malware etc.

If you Want Direct Download Link So Office 2016 ISO from Here.

Just try to follow all steps and get Microsoft Office ISO file in your Computer.

  • Step 1:  Download “MS Office ISO Downloader Tool“ and Run.
  • Step 2: Select Your Microsft Office Version From Right Side.
  • Step 3: Select the MS office edition and language.
  • Step 4: Finally Download it.

Keep in mind this is just Setup ISO file, without activation. First, you need to install it in your system.


How do I install Microsoft Office 2016?

First Download ISO or IMG file and extract in pc, after extract file finds “Setup.exe” file and run setup. you can also watch many installation tutorials on Youtube.

If you have already installed Microsoft office old version in your pc, then you need to uninstall it first. Here we define step-by-step instructions for your Operating System.

  1. Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
  2. Select Uninstall a program option.
  3. Select Older Microsoft office Installed version.
  4. Now click on uninstall option.
  5. After complete uninstall must restart your pc.
  6. then download Office latest version which you want to install.
  7. Extract files in pc and run setup files.

Can you still buy Office 2016?

Yes, You can buy any old and latest version of Microsoft Office from the official website. Just you need the subscription for getting the latest version.

What is included in Office 2016?

In all Microsoft Office 2016 edition Included Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote.

MS Office 2016 Complete Installation Guide

It’s time for installing MS Office, But first, you need to download Proper ISO or IMG file from Given Source. Its installation is very easy It’s only installed after some procedure. Just follow me step by step.

First, you will need some software through which you can open ISO file in your Pc. Here I am telling you two software, through either of them you can Extract it. When you Successfully download Office ISO file in your pc. then you need to open it via “Power ISO” or “Winrar” Software, both are working fine for extracting. Just right-click on iso and extract files on a specific folder.

  1. Download MS Office ISO any version.
  2. Download Power ISO or Winrar for extracting.
  3. Extract all files in a folder.
  4. Once When Extracting Is Finished, Now open folder and run the Setup file.
  5. Wait until MS office finished the install.

Note: During Installation doesn’t shut down or restart your pc. Installation may be taken 20 to 30 mints after complete installation process restarts your system.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016 Without Product Key?

When Complete Installation then you need to activate MS office without the product key. Many Office and Home users ask this question. How to activate MS office without key. so here i am going to share solution just you need to follow me step by step.

  1. Restart your pc after install ISO
  2. Download “activatior.exe” file.
  3. Deactivate you antivirus before run exe.
  4. Now run the activator and wait until finished Activation.

Note: Keep in mind when you activate your Ms office without key must disconnect your internet connection. I hope you like our article, we try to share complete information about it. if you have any question so you can ask me in comments.

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