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Published 13/05/2020 14:56 | Tech News | comments
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Before talking about SEO panel let’s first discussed what SEO is. In simple word, SEO is a way or technique which will help your website to rank on first pages or place of a search engine. This will increase your chances to get more customer and revenue from other competitors

SEO works on traditional marketing terms people who are related to the field of marketing know these two techniques one is pulling strategy, and another one is push strategy. Marketers use these two techniques to sell their products to their customers.

 In the push strategy, they push their product by force toward their customers through different techniques. So in SEO, we use a backlink strategy to push our website link to our customers.

 But in a pull strategy, we pull our customers toward our product by addressing their needs with the help of our product. So in SEO, we pull our customers toward our website by addressing their needs by using a keyword.

Several companies are providing their services in SEO, but is one of the best companies you will get when we talk about SEO. This company provides several kinds of SEO services to their clients, who will help them to increase their business and rank them first.

This company provides its customer with the best services at very low rates. They are one of the best companies which are providing these services at a very low rate, and along with that, they are designing it as well for their customers.

They provide the best backlink services in very minimum rates along with that they are providing them fast results and campaign which are only designed for them.

SEO Panel:

Now let’s talk about SEO panel what it is and how it is used and what benefits it provides to its user. provide best SEO panel to their customer, which help their customer in many different ways.

When you launched an SEO campaign, you have to track its progress. So you can see which part of the campaign or sources of the campaign providing results and which are not. So you can change it according to the requirements because SEO is the name of continuous effort with great changes.

So for that, provides you an SEO panel that will help you to track all your activities related to SEO technique. You can see from which backlink or other sources you are getting sales and from which source you are getting nothing.

From this panel, you can track your fund transfer history as well that how much you spend or earn through it. It will generate different reports daily for you related to your project performance on different points.

You can enhance its working by adding a different plugin, which will help you to get an eye on extra features related to the SEO of your website. So if you want to have a track of your SEO progress, just install this panel and start working with it on your website.

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