Magento Lead Generation Form Template: Generating More Leads

Published 24/12/2019 21:39 | Tech News | comments

We all know that the website of a company does not serve a single purpose. There are a number of different things that you can do with it. From creating brand awareness to generating leads and getting more sales, everything is possible if you structure the site in appropriate manner.

One of the most important aspects of a website is its form. Different sites vary the number of forms they have according to the purpose. Amongst the common options stand the lead generation forms. They help you in generating leads that you can use to increase your sales. However, the question here is how to use them effectively.

Getting a good tool and having your hands on magento lead generation form template can help you to a great extent. However, getting your potential clients to submit a form is not an easy task. There are a ton of things that you need to address when you are crafting a lead generation form.

The right information

Whatever template you choose, make sure that you get the right information. If you are interested in the size of a company, you can ask for the number of employees. However, if you don’t have to do anything with it, then the question becomes purposeless. Therefore, you need to be very selective regarding the things you are about to ask from someone.

If you are operating on a B2B model, you can ask for the name of the company. If not, you can simply go ahead with the name of the individual. Then, consider the services they would like to attain and see the budget they have on hand by asking the relevant questions. Moreover, never forget to get their contact details which can be in the form of phone number, business address, and email address.

Make sure that there are optional fields

A person filling out your form must not think of it as a forceful act. There have to be a few optional fields to assist him in filling the form. Companies tend to come up with forms where there are some questions which can serve as ‘additional information.’ When you are including such queries, make sure that they are optional and leave it out on the person who is filling the form.

For instance, if you are asking for multiple contact details such as email, phone number, and address, only make one of them necessary. The rest must be left optional.

Breaking down the form

Consider presenting a person with a 20 questions form right at the start. How does it feel? You visit a website and you have a long form that appears never to be ending in front of you? Well, you are very much likely to refrain from filling it. Therefore, it is important to structure your form in the right manner and break it down into multiple pages.

This way, a person is more encouraged to fil the form. It won’t appear complex neither a person will find it overwhelming and tiring to fill the form. So, you will end up with more and more responses.

So, these are a few key prospects to consider when you build a lead generation form. The Magento lead generation form template is certainly helpful as it comes with a structured layout. You can modify it according to your will and get the data that you need with ease.

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