Is the hype around virtual reality justified?

Published 14/09/2019 17:01 | Tech News | comments
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Even those of us who know nothing about Virtual Reality (VR) except the phrase itself is intrigued or at the very least curious about it. The name itself sparks excitement and calls for a strong desire to learn more about it, to try it out once. For all, we know it could be the next biggest hit of technological advancement.

So what exactly is a virtual reality? Why is there such a hype around it? How does it even work? And more importantly, what impact does it have on your brain and to what extent?

Even people who have had first-hand experience with a virtual reality headset aren’t really aware of its essentials or what is it that this technology has made possible. It is seldom explained to the public in a way that helps them understand it well.

The Good Stuff is a favorite YouTube channel with interesting videos on the subject. You can watch them to help you navigate through the complexities of virtual reality, explore its history, psychology and why, though it may seem like it, it is not madness to be crazy about the fun it has to offer.

Now, it does at first glance seem like virtual reality is pretty isolating. It disconnects you from the real world and lets you lose in a ‘virtual’ world; one that, frankly, does not exist. In other words you might want some company in this new world because everything is better with more people right? Right. And thankfully this hasn’t gone unnoticed by The Good Stuff either. They made another amazing video explaining how virtual reality tackles this and creates a real life Holodeck.

It is immensely exciting to think of the endless and ever increasing new possibilities that this advancing technology is continually presenting. Opening doors to amazing opportunities for cultural interaction, new teaching methods that will have the students delighted… and to think you could even witness with your very eyes the wonders of nature sitting at home is just insane. And these examples barely skim the surface of this boundless ocean of possibilities. If we are here right now, just think what it will be like in the next 100 years.

Oh and one last thing. VR can help us revisit our memories too. The mind is blown.

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