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Published 25/01/2020 11:23 | Tech News | comments
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Football is the game that everyone is crazy about. It is the only game that is played almost everywhere in the world. And there is no wrong to say that it is equally loved by people of all ages. And for this very reason game developers have paid keen attention to manufacture ideal football games. These games vary from shooting target games to one-man soccer to real football where the gameplay is set in the field. Out of all these spectacular genres, one game that has captured the hearts and souls of many people is the football fantasy premier league.

What is FPL?

FPL as the name hints is a fantasy set up. You create your team, name it, and be its coach in this setup. The twist here is that there is no such thing as gameplay in champions’ league fantasy game. And this is the thing that may cause many people to drift out of the platform. Because there is no playing, enthusiasts don’t tend to waste their time on it and prefer to play other full-of-action games like FIFA and real football.

Where do you get the players for your team?

One frequently asked question about the game is that are the players in this game real or augmented reality plays its role here too? Well, not to your surprise, even if the game is a fantasy, the players you pick to construct your team are the real-world players and are currently playing for their respective football club. This takes the passion to a whole new level and football lovers are moved by the very thought that whenever their favorite player scores a goal or concedes a goal, your team earns points.

Can a player be in two fantasy teams?

The answer is no. This game may be far from reality but it operates under the same goals as the real gameplay does. So, if you want to have a player in your team, that is currently playing somewhere else, you simply can’t have him. The only way to access your favorite player is to wait when he is available or by making a transfer. You can request the team manager to transfer the character to your team and in this way, you can have your ideal play and score for you. What else would anyone want?

FPL is catchy and addictive

When the playing seasons are on peaks, you cannot resist the FPL as every goal or score change the dynamics of the game altogether. It is one minute down and the next minute up. And it’s not just about scoring goals, if one of your players has conceded any goals or couldn’t be up to the mark in the real world, your team and the individual player lose points and is replaced by someone better. Hence, this is the time when it cannot get out of your head and you are into it all the time.

Lastly, football fantasy league is pre-eminently constructive as it plays a great role in increasing your knowledge about the game and grow your instincts. You learn, by playing this game, how to use your mind for the right thing in the right intensity and only then can you succeed.

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