5 Best Online Tools for College Freshmen in 2020

Published 23/09/2020 15:32 | Tech News | comments
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College life is more complex and demanding than high school. You have personal goals to pursue, academic expectations, social life, and entrepreneurial projects demanding attention, among other tasks. Online tools and apps take up some of this load to make life easier and also help you to pay attention to more pressing issues. The opportunity to pay for college papers should never be ignored because it helps you to boost performance as well as spare time for other interesting personal projects.


The internet has thousands of apps you can use while in college. Some make communication easier while others assist in citations. As a freshman, several apps will transform your college experience in several ways, especially making learning easier and improving your performance. Here are some of the tools you need to ace your 1st year.

  1. Scanner Pro

Studies in college involve a lot of books, notes, and other learning materials. Some of the books are not available in the library or can only be borrowed for a short time yet you need them for your research. You might also need to keep reading while on the road or a trip over the weekend. A Scanner Pro helps you to capture images of the notes and retrieve the images when the need arises.

The app is installed on your phone and can help you to organize the notes in terms of subjects or topics. In case you are traveling or sharing materials, you can conveniently access the materials over the phone without any struggle. Since the images captured are light in size, you can build a database to last you all your college years.

  1. Google Scholar

Access to reading materials is a major challenge for college students. Sometimes you have to study in the library because the books cannot leave the building. Libraries also contain limited materials, making it difficult to conduct a comprehensive research.

Create an account at Google Scholar and get the latest world-class materials for students. What makes Google Scholar the best tool for freshmen in college is the quality of materials you get. They are vetted and specifically provided for educational purposes.

  1. EasyBid

A bibliography is a crucial part of any research paper. However, it is one of the most difficult chapters to write. EasyBid only requires you to enter the details. It will generate the bibliography in your desired format, be it MLA, APA, or any other.

  1. Scribd

This is one of the most trusted online libraries for all subjects. If you do not want to spend time in the brick house, you can get high-quality materials from scholars around the world. It helps you to complete assignments and studies from anywhere and with ease.

  1. Grammarly

The quality of your writing counts in your quest for a top grade. Grammarly highlights possible errors in your assignments and the best spellings or word options. It helps you to deliver error-free assignments.

The internet has numerous apps and students will choose them based on personal preference. Most of these tools are free and available on all devices. With these tools, completing your assignments and other class tasks will be easier, convenient, and fast. They guarantee the best college experience.

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