Your Employees are Your Assets: How will you Protect them During the Pandemic?

Published 15/05/2020 22:43 | Blog | comments

Keeping a distance

There are some ways to handle the issues which the pandemic has raised for businesses. One of critical elements of the strategy of fighting COVID-19 is social distancing. It is easy for those of your employees who can work from home, but what about the ones who have to perform service works? Or what if a contract with a client requires, for example, customer service representatives to access the client’s resources from the office only?

Your employees are probably already aware of pandemic rules, but do make sure HR reminds them of their obligations in newsletters, via your intranet, or through other forms of internal communication. Ensure all your employees are aware of the need for regular hand-washing, maintaining a distance of two meters from other people, and wearing masks or gloves. Provide your employees with antibacterial fluids and implement a no-visitor policy. Only people who are necessary should enter your company’s buildings.

This is the right time to try flexible working hours – to avoid crowds in offices and common spaces such as kitchens. Think about shifts, so that there are fewer people in a room at the same time. It’s possible that your clients are struggling to re-organize their work too, so they could be more likely to negotiate.

Arrange working space to ensure that every employee is, at all times, at least two meters away from their colleagues. If possible, make temporary use of empty desks or rooms. Does your company use cubicle walls? Try to extend their height.

Virtualize as much as possible

Customer visits have to be postponed, but you can still meet virtually using Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, or the increasingly popular Zoom platform. The same is true for your employees, who can use a tool that meets their needs to enable audio and video, chat or screen sharing. Of course, the IT department should revise and recommend the most secure tool for everyone. Cyber-criminals are even more active than usual during the pandemic, so security is a must.
Try to negotiate remote access to end-users’ computers for your customer service representatives, so they will be able to resolve issues without physical contact. Think about preparing an FAQ section, as some common issues can be handled by the users themselves.

Let’s protect each other. The more attention we pay to prevention, the sooner we can focus on business.

Dagmara Skomra, Product Manager at Comarch

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