Why The Software You Use Is Even More Important Than the Hardware It Runs On

Published 21/05/2022 3:38 | Blog | comments

Why The Software You Use Is Even More Important Than the Hardware It Runs On The argument has been long and continuous as to whether software or hardware is more important and for many in business it is a personal choice depending on what you are doing.

Why The Software You Use Is Even More Important Than the Hardware It Runs On

The hardware

The hardware are the bits and pieces that are all connected up to make up your PC. All the processors, video and graphics cards, monitors mouse and printers, and all the Lenovo PC essentials. This is the hardware that you need to be able to access the internet or use the various software programs that you have for business, pleasure and entertainment. However, most hardware also requires software to be able to run correctly and as efficiently as possible.

The software

The software is what allows you to access and use the hardware that you have put together. The specific operating system of the device that you have bought is the overall software that you use to save, play and access the various other programs that you download and save on the device. It is the specific set of instructions that get the computer to do what you need at a specific point in time. So, for example without a specific internet browser, you wouldn’t be able to use the computer to search the internet and access the knowledge therein. There are a number of reasons why the software is a whole lot more important for you than your hardware:

  • It is a lot easier to adjust and change the software than it is to change the hardware.
  • The right software will improve the efficiency of the hardware that you have in place. It’s the software that will drive the hardware and as such you need to make sure that it is as up-to-date and protected as possible.
  • Software development is faster than that of hardware. There are more changes in software on a daily basis than there are to the hardware and as such you need to stay abreast of these to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Hardware seems to have reached a plateau in that most smartphones and smart televisions are pretty much the same in composition and function, while it is the software that will differentiate them.

Yes, hardware and software must work in tandem, and the best smart tech is able to achieve this, where an operating system and the hardware that it comes in are both innovative and current. But we have currently reached a specific development point with regards to technology where the software changes and improvements are more important that the hardware changes and improvements. In fact, Google has noted that hardware is a commodity, something that you can simply buy and exchange while the software it contains and runs on is what differentiates it.

The argument continues, but in this moment and for this article it is clear that the software is more important than the hardware, this may very well change as technology is in constant flux but ensure that you have the best software that you can afford to keep engaging the best you can on the world wide web.

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