Top Tech Stack List for Android App Development

Published 26/03/2021 15:46 | Blog | comments
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The term “technology stack” is used quite a lot in the context of software and app development. Companies and individuals can now choose various methods of app development. However, your endeavors are surely going to fail if you don’t have the right technology stack to support all of your development needs. Here is some more context for you.

What Is A Technology Stack?

A technology stack for app development is basically a term used to refer to the collection of tools, software, programming languages and function libraries that are required while working on an app. For any app, the stack is the skeleton of frameworks and support systems that are instrumental in the quality of the final product.

Components of the Technology Stack

For your app development needs, there are various components that you need to take care of. Choosing the right stack is a very important task.

  1. Frontend Development: The frontend development is the right term used by developers to describe the development of the user interface of the app. The frontend of a mobile app is very important. It is very important to use the right frontend tools. Some of the most important stack components for frontend development include CSS, HTML, JavaScript (JS) and WebAssembly.
  2. Backend Development: This part of the app development process focuses on security, data storage and business logic. Even though all mobile apps do not need a backend, it is a crucial element of the app. Nowadays, most developers allocate a lot of time and resources for proper BD. Some important stack components are Python, PHP, Node.js and MySQL.
  3. Development Platform: You also need to have a robust app development platform if you want your app to work without any hitches. A mobile app development platform or a MADP is a software that will allow your developers to create and test the app all in one centralized place. Appcelerator and Android Studio are ideal MADPs for Android development.

Programming Languages Required for Mobile App Development

Now is a good time to take a good look at the various programming languages that are very useful while working on mobile app development. The following languages are used by most mobile app development services. The basic components of any good mobile app development stack are a set of robust programming languages.

  1. Kotlin: This is a cross-platform general purpose programming language that can be used to make apps for both Android and iOS. It has a type interface and is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your app dev stack. Kotlin was designed to be fully interoperable with Java, making it a very powerful development tool.
  2. Python: Python is a powerful open-source programming language that you can use for all of your backend development needs. It also has a very active community of coders and a set of powerful libraries, making it ideal for all kinds of development needs. By using the right Python framework, you can make a very powerful and streamlined app backend.

Using Android Studio for MADP Needs

Android Studio is a MADP and is one of the most important elements of any stack. You can use it to debug your code, edit your code, run test versions and more. This is also a powerful platform where you can test out your prototype. It has a powerful instant build and deploy system.

These have been all of the important elements that should be a part of any technology stack for your app development needs. By building the right stack, you will be able to create an app that is powerful, smooth and user friendly. Hence , this is basically your most important development tool.

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