Third-party git backup software – why do you might need that?

Published 06/08/2021 1:18 | Blog | comments
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Nowadays intellectual property is one of the most important assets within companies. Therefore, we should protect it at all costs. Of course, all documents written by a group of lawyers are needed and important, but this is only one side of the coin. In the IT and startups world, software is such intellectual property. Sometimes, especially in startups, it defines its market value. Can you even imagine losing access to your source code as intellectual property? For most businesses, it might be very devastating.

Backup – what it is

In the IT world, it is popular to say that there are two groups of people – those who do backups and those who will. Because events of failure, cyberattacks, and something such obvious as human errors that can put business data in danger happen on a daily basis. We should have an actual copy of our data to restore it immediately and continue our work. Now let’s consider our code and the use of the Git version control system – do you protect it? And please bear in mind, that Git is not a backup software by itself. How to make it protected and recoverable?

Can backup be done manually?

Some businesses try to rely on self-made backup scripts using the Git functionality. But even if it’s still a better approach than none, it requires a lot of manual work, constant monitoring, updating the scripts, and when the disaster strikes – writing another script to recover the copies. Which of course takes time. For this, we also need to invest in some disk space where such backups will be stored. Over time this grows to astronomical dimensions, time-consuming procedures, and administrative overhead. And in practice, only one person in the entire company
knows what is really going on there and how to maintain it.

Third-party software
External services can come to our rescue. Payment systems are a good example here. When we build our own e-commerce project, it is usually easier, faster, and cheaper to use ready-made external solutions instead of creating our own payment module. Even the biggest e-commerce businesses believe in that.

Bitbucket and GitHub backup software

So instead of building and maintaining your own git backup scripts, it is worth using such external solutions. One of them is – GitHub and Bitbucket backup software. It allows you to fully automate your repository and metadata backup. All you need is to set up an automatic backup plan so once you add a new repository, it will be automatically included and protected. The very intuitive dashboard of a web-based central management console lets you manage it all easily, anywhere, anytime. And thanks to email notifications and audit logs you need a glance to know your source code is protected. Additionally, you can add nearly every storage – local or cloud – so there are no additional IT infrastructure costs

And that’s not all of the benefits! Thanks to this, we do not have to invest time and costs in building our own system or creating scripts manually. We can and should focus on developing our business, leaving the subject of security and backup to the professionals.

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