How to Take Care of a Boxer Dog

Published 26/04/2021 1:27 | Blog | comments
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Dogs are wonderful animals, and there are many reasons for this claim. Ever since they were domesticated, they have become favorite pets, keepers, entertainers, and even’ business partners.’ You can find out for what purposes dogs are used at this source.

How to Take Care of a Boxer Dog

One of the reasons why pups have become the most popular pets is their attachment. They will reciprocate the love you give them in many ways. But you should know that these animals don’t live only from love. They need proper nutrition, care, and attention to ensure a quality and long life.

Since some pet owners often don’t have too much time to devote to their four-legged friends, low-maintenance species that do not require daily grooming are suitable for them. Boxers are one of the most popular breeds for this very reason. But that doesn’t mean they are low-maintenance pets.

Breed Specs


Yet, don’t let this claim scare you. Boxers are not high-maintenance dogs either. They do need some extra care in certain aspects, but in general, these adorable pups are suitable for almost everyone. You can have this breed even if you’re a first-time pet owner, but you must have a strong character and impose yourself as a leader.

Boxers are large, muscular sporting dogs. They are natural-born athletes with strong bodies and well-defined legs. Their physics show that these dogs were initially bred as police dogs. They were even used as messengers during the wars. Luckily, that practice is abandoned now.

The character of this race is very mild. Boxers are intelligent, fearless, and friendly, especially with children. They are loyal to the family and like to play with them. But these pups also can be stubborn, especially if you try to control them. When happy, they will run happily all around. Members of this race are true cuddle balls and can lie on your lap for hours.

Although they adore people, Boxers are always alert and can recognize danger. They are not known for their aggression, but if they feel a threat, these large dogs can be quite fearless in defending the family. These dogs never attack first and will easily make friends with strangers if they feel that peaceful vibe.

Grooming Requirements


Boxers are short-haired dogs, but their fur still needs regular grooming. This process won’t take you more than an hour every week, as you only have to brush and bathe your pup. Regular grooming will prevent dandruff. You should brush your pet thoroughly to remove any dead skin and hair.

Brushing also stimulates the secretion of lanolin. It’s a natural fat secreted on the surface of the dog’s skin. This matter is quite sticky and smelly. Dirt and dust stick to it, so don’t be surprised if your pet stink, despite regular brushing and removing fallen hair. This problem is solved by bathing right after brushing.

Boxers need to have their nails cut, and ears cleaned every two weeks. Excessive wax build-up could cause ear inflammation, which could lead to tinnitus. You can take your pet to a professional groomer for ear cleaning, as it can be a health risk to the animal if done poorly.

Lice is also an issue that affects Boxers. They have short hair that suits these parasites, so you should regularly treat your pet with special shampoo or anti-lice powder.

Prevent Sunburns


Boxers have sensitive skin, so frequent bathing with harsh shampoos is not necessary. Every week, shower your canine with warmish water to remove superficial dirt and hair. The real bathing in a tub should be once a month.

If you own a white Boxer, you might need to be extra cautious when your dog is out in the Sun. These animals have sensitive skin and tend to burn easily. That makes them prone to melanoma and skin cancer.  Ask your vet for pet-friendly sun creams to prevent these health issues.

Socialization and Training

Socialization and Training

Caring for a dog doesn’t only mean taking care of their bodies but also their minds. It’s more pleasurable for the owners if their pets can be around people, so you have to work on early socialization and obedience training for your Boxer. These dogs tend to be very sensitive, and they hate loneliness. Lack of socialization and training may result in behavioral problems.

It is important that Boxers are kept busy with some form of exercise. They need vigorous activities to release all that accumulated energy. Let your dog run around and play frequently. That will improve their immune system and make them healthier overall. Include your kids in your pet’s training, too.

Have Regular Vet Check-Ups


You also need to keep an eye on your Boxer’s health. Despite their strong physique, these dogs are more prone to certain diseases than other breeds. A regular vet check-up is critical to monitor any health issues and keep your pet’s health in good condition.

Be alert to any skin problems, flea bite marks, and bald spots in your dog. Boxers also need regular immunization. You should ensure that your pet is up to date on vaccinations. Consult with your vet regarding shots, as they can help prevent common health issues in Boxers like heartworm disease and cancer.

Check the following page for a list of reasons when to take your pet to vet:


Boxers are perfect for living with people. Their mild temperament can help kids develop wonderfully. Still, keep in mind that these dogs require a certain degree of attention and care. If you share your responsibilities around your pet with other family members, you will enjoy this cheerful dog.

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