How To Stream on Twitch-An Ultimate Guide

Published 06/05/2021 17:15 | Blog | comments

Twitch provides video live streaming services focusing on video games. It’s the world-leading live streaming platform for gamers. If people start to love watching your gaming skills, they will follow you. If you find difficulty in gaining followers, you can visit to get a convenient growth service.

The audience can watch broadcasts and videos freely without logging in. When you find the Twitch website or app, you will get several recommendations of live streams. One can browse the game category to discover more channels and gamers.

Guide to streaming on Twitch

Now, you are introduced to Twitch which hosts 91% of gamers. If you are using twitch for the first time, you might feel blank about how to get the best utilization of this platform. Here is the complete and ultimate guide to stream on twitch.

  1. Community guidelines

Before making your account, you need to learn about community guidelines to know how to act with other users cordially and which action should not be done. Read the whole legal section on the Twitch website. Also, you can bookmark the page to view any updates or changes in the guidelines after regular intervals.

  1. Create account

It’s a very facile step to create an account. If you’re using your PC, you will easily find the icon “Sign Up” above the page. And if you want to sign up using the mobile app, then you can download the app and sign up using a mobile number. Later, you can add your email ID.

  1. Two-step authentication

You will be aware of the importance of 2FA that refers to two different methods of verification to log in to your account. To use your account and watch the broadcast, you need to enable 2FA. You can enable it on your desktop after signing in. Find Security settings there and enable 2FA.

  1. Sign in

After account creation, you will be able to log in with your username and password. You can chat with other users. You will be joining millions of hardcore and casual gamers and can stream live anything from art demos to music festivals.

Best Softwares

1. OBS Studio

OBS refers to Open Broadcasting Software which is a free software for video recording and live streaming. It is the top choice of gamers.

2. Streamlabs OBS

It is a cloud-based software providing the top streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. It can be used only in Windows.

3. vMix

It is available for Windows operating systems. You can create professional live streams directly in the browser. It will help you become a pro in streaming.


The streams of Twitch can be viewed on website and mobile application both. People can watch live broadcasting without logging in, but to add their favorite channels to the list, they need to create an account. You can find Twitch gamers on social media platforms as most of them are available on Twitter and Instagram. You can use keywords like “streamer”, “twitch streamer”, or other similar words to find them.

To broaden the audience, Twitch offers a different live streams. One can also benefit from twitch by making money with the help of followers and hours for which their videos were watched. As a gamer, you need to put effort into gaining a good number of followers.

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