How To Increase Your Monthly Listeners On Spotify?

Published 30/04/2021 15:08 | Blog | comments
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Spotify is one of the most loved free music and podcast listening platforms. You can find play, sync, and discover any song or music album with the app. Several music and podcast creators are using this app to gain the number of monthly listeners. If people find it difficult to gain Spotify followers, they can simply visit the website to attract the targeted audience.

Spotify offers trending and popular music albums to include in your playlist. Music streaming is free on this platform. For a creator, this app is compatible, allowing them to connect with a good number of audiences.

How to Grow Listeners?

With a good number of followers, music artists can promote their playlists. If the playlist grows in popularity, it leads to more streams. Again, more streams will encourage more people to follow you. But still, people may find it strenuous to gain a sufficient amount of followers. So here are some tips to increase your monthly listeners on Spotify.

1. Find Curator

You may have seen a single song present in several playlists while exploring Spotify. Curators are the person who creates a playlist of the songs. You can submit your music to the curators to strengthen your presence on the platform. Curators will help in the promotion of your song.

2. Share links

No doubt, sharing is caring. In the context of this text, sharing the links of your music and playlist on various platforms is caring about your familiarity with new audiences. If you own a website, then share your playlist there with a follow icon. Social media platforms link people globally; therefore, sharing links can help you to grow monthly listeners.

3. Create your playlist

Try to create your playlist with at least 20 songs of yours and other artists. You can add songs which you like or sound like you. Making a playlist yourself helps Spotify users or aggregators to find you conveniently.

4. Sharing the link to newsletters and Spotify code

Newsletters are used to share relevant and valuable information with the audience. If you are working on a great project or releasing a new track, then you can ask your audience to follow you through newsletters. It will increase the cognition among people about your work. The newly introduced feature of Spotify includes QR code scanning. It has made it easy for your fans to find and follow you.

5. Find Distributor

You can find Record Labels to submit your link. But if you own a Record Label, distribution will be a good option. After the release of your track, you can connect with a distribution company for instant results.


The use of Spotify is not limited to listening to music only. You may get personalized recommendations for the ready-made playlists. This app has helped many creators to grow their engagement among the audience. People can simply follow their favorite music or podcast creators.

The number of Spotify monthly listeners is calculated after 28 days. Therefore, the artist should fill their discography and customize it according to the preference of their listeners. As an artist, create your playlist if you couldn’t find a good curator to gain monthly listeners.

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