GoGoPDF Guide: Why You Should Convert Your Documents Into A Portable Document Format (PDF)

Published 21/01/2021 20:52 | Blog | comments
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Most individuals nowadays are accustomed to using the basic versions of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and many many other forms of format for their online documents. It is a must to know these kinds of things, especially today, where almost everything is handled online.

Portable Document Format, or as most individuals call PDF, ranks as the number one option in dealing with online documents because of the number of features you can benefit from when using it. Hence, the importance of having an online PDF converter tool that can help you convert your online documents.

Converting With GoGoPDF

First of all, why do we need to convert our Microsoft Office Documents into a PDF? One of the most common reasons for converting your Microsoft office documents into PDF is because it is the main format used by most individuals. You will enjoy a lot of advantages when using a PDF file rather than a Microsoft Office document.

One of the best examples of why you should use an online PDF Converter like GoGoPDF is because you can use the feature “PDF Converter Free.” You don’t need to purchase any tools online or even sign-up for monthly subscriptions. You can straightforwardly start converting your documents through their platform for free.

The convenience you can enjoy when using a PDF is that you can access your online documents anytime and anywhere. You will be able to open your PDF files when using different types of platforms, hardware, software, or any operating system that will suit your satisfaction, which is one of the main advantages that a PDF file offers to every user.

Some may say that using MS Word is much easier than using a PDF file. However, when using MS word in different kinds of operating systems, you might encounter some issues along the way. Hence, the importance of converting your MS documents into a PDF file. You will be guaranteed to have the best experience for your online documents.

Strict Security Features

You should convert your Microsoft Office documents into a PDF file because of the rich and strict security features that only a PDF file offers. When sharing your documents online, you will be given the utmost security to your document as the files cannot be edited. Yes! The receiver of your document can only read the content from your document.

Configuring the tight security features of a PDF file might be a troublesome experience. Hence, the difficulty for the receiver of the document to alter any information from your documents. If you do not prefer this kind of security feature for your PDF file, you can always give them access. This will allow the receiver of the document to change some contents from your document.

Protecting Your PDF File

Another security feature that a PDF file offers to the public is putting an encrypted password to the PDF file. This is best recommended for specific individuals that have confidential contents in their PDF files. You can choose your desired password for any PDF files you want. A third-party tool like GoGoPDF can help you with those problems.

Unlocking Your PDF file

If you can put an encrypted password to your PDF file, it is also necessary for you to know how to unlock your PDF file. This is best recommended if you want to remove the password of your PDF file. Keep in mind that when using this feature of GoGoPDF, you are only allowed to remove a password if you know what the encrypted password is in the first place.

Quality Conversion

As most of the documents that GoGoPDF handles, it is utmost in their goals to produce a converting experience that has the best quality. One of the most common problems of converting a document is altering the quality of the image that is in the document. However, when using the services of GoGoPDF, that problem is no longer an issue as every document is rest assured in the best quality possible.

Anytime And Anywhere

You can access the services of GoGoPDF anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. You don’t even need a high internet speed for converting your documents. A reliable internet connection is good enough for you to start converting your documents.


We are accustomed to using the internet in our daily lives nowadays. It is a must to start exploring the advantages we can get for every online document transaction. Hence, analyzing the platform of GoGoPDF will surely help your online experience.

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