Bring A New Dimension to Your Presentations

Published 24/04/2021 0:32 | Blog | comments
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For as long as humans need to hold meetings there will be a place in our lives for charts. Nothing saves time quite like a well-designed chart, as they provide an intuitive way to portray complex information.

The advent of javascript has also been a huge boon for charts, but what happens when two dimensions aren’t enough? What should we do when a traditional JavaScript line chart falls short of our needs? That’s when 3D charts become vital.

The advantages of 3D charts

While 2D charts have proved to be a wonderful aid they are limited in two ways: Working space and Dimensions.

Even if two dimensions are enough to portray all the information and variables you need to present, sometimes the working space proves to be a limit on its own. There’s a limit to how much more information you can portray on a flat image before it becomes cluttered. When this happens 3D Charts can be a great alternative. For example, when it comes to column charts a 3D environment allows you to show more columns in the same space thanks to the addition of depth.

However, sometimes the issue with traditional charts is that there are not enough dimensions to portray all the values that your presentation needs. In these cases, a JavaScript 3D Bubble Chart can become your best friend.

Bubble Charts are interesting because they can compare relationships between different sets of data in 4 dimensions. Not only do they take advantage of the X, Y, and Z-axis to portray their information. But the individual size of each bubble provides information too. This allows you to present more information in a single chart, instead of having to rely on multiple charts which could cause some information to become less visible.

The right software for your needs

If you are interested in Bubble Charts and other 3D charts then you should take a look at SciChart. This is a software designed and optimized for Chart creation in both a 2D and 3D environment. Their robust software allows users to design any chart they can imagine, and their selection of formats includes unique Chart models like Bubble Charts.

On top of that, the program is designed for seamless app integration and counts with some of the best tech support in the market. SciChart is dedicated to upholding its reputation, and it provides a practical solution to any chart problems you might have.

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