Are Your Remote Employees Really Working _ Here Are 2020’s Top 7 Software to Find Out?

Published 18/08/2020 23:31 | Blog | comments
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The work from home setup is the perfect alternative for individuals who do not want to be stressed by the daily commute, and the pressure at the office — the yells from the boss, the pollution, or the unfair compensation.

Remote work offers new possibilities since employees are only required to have their computers and Internet connection, without the need to travel far to the offices and with a team that is younger, more modern, and harmonious.

The big problem for employers, managers, and CEOs

However, CEO’s, managers, and employers are still currently encountering a major problem that is affecting productivity and results. A common thoroughfare in remote workplaces now is having employees who are pretending to work when in fact they aren’t.

Compared with non-remote offices, or the traditional corporations, where everyone can simply monitor you by their eyes, the remote workplace offers several loopholes and opportunities to pretend to be working. It is a huge problem with the costs, productivity, and imagine how much revenue is lost if this happens continuously.

So, are your remote employees really working? One way that allows CEO’s to track them is with the use of employee monitoring software. Many of these software products are up for grabs on Coupon Lawn, where you can also get discounts and exclusive offers. These tools track their time, record screenshots on their laptop screens, and provide those who have access with these data. Without further ado, here are this year’s top seven software for monitoring your workers.

Top 7 software to ensure your employees are working

Various software of these kinds may either be strict or lenient in monitoring. For example, time trackers may monitor work in detail, taking screenshots and recording typing activity levels. There are trackers without the option to take screenshots, but both can offer daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Here are the best ones.

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff’s smart time tracking system allows you to focus on completing your work rather than giving a prying eye in such a way that it strictly tracks your every move. Though it records the time spent on the project, which you can customize to indicate the project you are currently working on, Hubstaff provides more freedom so you can continue working in the way you do, except that a timer is set in the background.

It also has the app version when you want to track time while working in the field, or as an alternative. The easy-to-navigate dashboard ensures that you can properly manage your team, perfect for both the employee and employer.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is also smart employee tracking software that large companies like Verizon and Apple use. Small businesses like Firehouse Subs are also utilizing this software to keep track of the activities of their freelancers and employees.

The system lets the remote team function efficiently with stunning features that you must know. These include the usual time and activity tracking, partnered with distraction management, attendance tracking, web and app monitoring, payroll management, and more advanced features.

3. Teramind

Ideal for enterprises, Teramind is a great monitoring software and tracker for these types of businesses since aside from impactful monitoring, it provides data loss management designed to further secure the network and data of the team. Plus, it opens you to audit and forensic features should there be incidents and threats.

With regards to the pricing, compared with the competitors, Teramind is considered more expensive, but very straightforward in the design, and the company provides outstanding support for deployments and more.

4. F4S

Ensuring that employees work is achievable not just with time tracking systems, but also with analytics. For instance, F4S, which translates to Fingerprint For Success, allows the user to identify strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, thereby helping you achieve more productivity.

The assessment tool can be answered by team members worldwide, so they can be able to be aware of their working style.

5. RescueTime

With several employee tracking software in the industry, you can have various options, and literally, you can adapt any of these. One of those that is highly regarded in the market is RescueTime, a time tracking app that has the dual function to block websites not useful at work.

Another loophole present in the remote work setup is being able to edit the timesheet, and manually input time tracker. With RescueTime, everything happens automatically without letting you manually add or deduct hours. With features like detailed reporting and one-click offline tracking, RescueTime becomes a purveyor of employee integrity.

6. SentryPC

A preferred employee tracking tool among small business owners, SentryPC is best-known for features which consist of content filtering, activity monitoring, screenshots, and keylogging. It is very affordable and easy-to-use, without having to scratch your head on hassles and issues. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices since it is a cloud-based application.

7. Email Analytics

This software connects your G Suite or Gmail accounts, as well as integrates your email activity with your workers. It enables teams in different departments, such as sales, customer service, and admin to measure their productivity, with details that include email traffic by the hour at the given day, email traffic based on volume throughout the week, average email response time, and more.

Final words

Based on today’s happenings, more and more people are going to pursue work from home careers. Just like traffic, some revenue is lost when people fail to be productive. More so in settings where employees are paid by the hour, tracking them and their work with these tools will find the balance between business and individual accomplishments.


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